Virtual Gathering — Day 3

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Day 3 — Creating Personalized, Unique, and Meaningful Portraits

With Melissa Vono (@stitchatnite)

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Day 3 Giveaways

Quarto Group

Feminist Stitches offers twelve empowering feminist-themed cross-stitch patterns that celebrate strong women.

Decorate your home with framed pieces or use the patterns to personalize items like denim jackets and backpacks.

The kit includes twelve fun and original patterns featuring various designs and quotes that have been popularized by the feminist movement, plus the supplies needed to make two finished projects. The book offers step-by-step instructions with full-color photographs of the finished projects.

Frank A. Edmunds

Quilter’s Wonder #2645: This hoop rotates and tilts a full 360 degrees on its stable, height adjustable base. The large three pronged knobs make adjustments easy, while allowing you complete access to the sides and bottom of your quilt. The Quilters Wonder! stands up to 37.5″ high so you can comfortably quilt in a chair. Lightweight, stable and portable, it also folds down to 16″ for storage. Made in the USA.

Day 3 Winners