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As part of our Stitch People Day celebrations, we launced the Stitch People Club!

Many of you have waited in eager (and patient!) anticipation since the Spring Fling to participate in our grand plans for monthly Stitch People goodness and the time has arrived!⁠

Get all the details below:

Introducing our brand new

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Stitch People Beyond

Constellations Collection

For all you astrology lovers out there, we have a new set of Constellation patterns, perfect for stitching up as gifts or home decorations!

Individual patterns are $5 each, or get the set of 12 for only $25!

Cross-stitch for


Design and stitch your own portraits

At Stitch People, YOU are the designer! With our huge library of mix-and-match patterns—paired with your limitless creativity—anything is possible!

Our Best-Selling Patterns

4.7 / 5

With advanced patterns for formal dress and wedding scenery elements, our Weddings book will help your portrait become a cherished keepsake!

4.8 / 5

Our flagship book, now in its 2nd edition! Contains hundreds of patterns elements for people, dogs and cats, basic accessories, and more!

4.6 / 5

Take your Stitch People characters to exotic locales with our Backgrounds book! Perfect for commemorating vacations, weddings—you name it!

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Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean

Stitch People Creator

The Stitch People STory

In 2011, I was dealing with severe clinical depression and anxiety. I was working as a graphic designer at a tech company, and office politics were such that I felt undervalued in my role. Things that once lit me up, like music, no longer brought me the same joy I once knew.

My mom taught me to cross-stitch as a kid—mostly projects like lighthouses and teddy bears. I found myself drawn back to this age-old hobby and wanted to find small, meaningful projects that could be stitched up in a weekend while I watched my favorite British crime dramas. Unable to find any patterns I really liked, I decided to take a stab at designing my own.

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