Let's Meet In Person!

Join us for our very first in-person event! Meet Lizzy and Spencer, connect with other stitchers, and learn some new tips and tricks!

When: Feb 1, 2020
Where: Pleasant Grove, UT
Price: $59

How Does Stitch People Work?

Start with the DIY Stitch People book, the comprehensive guide to designing and stitching characters! It has hundreds of different pattern elements to help you get the perfect look for your family and friends.

From there, we have additional patterns for things like occupations and hobbies, farm animals, armed forces, sports, backgrounds, and more!

Meet Lizzy

After learning to cross-stitch at age 8, Lizzy didn't pick up the hobby again until college when she needed a way to unwind.

Since then, she's designed several DIY books and started the cross-stitch family portrait trend!