Free Guide: How to Cross-Stitch

Perfect for Beginners

My free guide includes instructions, shopping list, and free patterns!

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Hi, I’m

As a kid, I learned to cross-stitch from my mom and grandma, but only ever finished a handful of projects. I picked it back up when I was diagnosed with depression in my 20’s—I found it helped connect me to my childhood and gave me small, meaningful projects to work on when life felt extra hard. Now I cross-stitch for fun (and work!) and love helping people explore their creativity with this generations-old craft.

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, could use the mental health benefits, or just want to unwind with something that isn’t your phone, I think you’ll find cross-stitch to be pretty great!

What is cross-stitch?

I’m assuming you’re brand new to cross-stitch, so we’ll start with the super basics so you know all the lingo!

What supplies do I need?

I’ll show you everything you need to get started, including a shopping list to take with you to your local craft store!

How do I secure my floss?

When you do any sort of stitching, you need to secure your thread so it doesn’t come loose after you’re done. I’ll show you how!