We’re very interested in transparency, and want to make the logistics of how we run Stitch People available to anyone who is curious. As an online business, we collect data about our customers, and we want to be responsible stewards of that data. To that end, we’re going to be fleshing out our transparency portal here over the coming months. In the meantime, you can view our current Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

How We Use Your Email Address

  • To send you emails about your orders on Since these emails alert you to transactions on our website (and other emails directly related to your orders), it is not possible to unsubscribe from these emails.
  • To send you marketing emails about our products and services. You can opt-out/unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of any of our emails. All emails from our website are sent via Amazon SES.
  • To create and manage your customer account on We don’t require you to create an account on our website, but if you do, we’ll use your email address to identify you when you login. This email address is the unique identifier for you on our site, so even if you don’t create an account, your email address will be associated with all your orders. If you choose to create an account after placing orders, your orders will be automatically associated with your new customer account.
  • To create custom Facebook audiences. For marketing purposes, we send information to Facebook about actions you take on our website, including placing orders, downloading files, and logging in. This helps us find other people like you who might be interested in Stitch People. If you would like to opt-out of this, please use the contact form below and let us know. Eventually we’ll have a way for you to opt-out via your account settings.
  • To create custom Google audiences. This is similar to how we use your email address for custom Facebook audiences. If you would like to opt-out of this, please use the contact form below and let us know. Eventually we’ll have a way for you to opt-out via your account settings.
  • For social login features. To make it easier to create and login to an account on our website, we offer login via Google and Facebook. When you use this feature, we send Google or Facebook your email address to verify you. This only happens if you explicitly choose to use social login features.

How We Use Your Name

There’s more specifics to come in this section, but how we use your name is similar to how we use your email address. When we send your information to Facebook or Google, we will often send your first and last name as well, which those services use to improve their matching rates.

How We Use Your Address

When you place an order with us, we collect your address for billing purposes. If your order also contains physical products that need to be sent to you, we will also collect an address for shipping purposes. Oftentimes your billing and shipping address are the same, but for some people they are not—in those cases we collect two addresses.

We use your billing address to process your payment information since most credit card processors will use your Zip code to verify the card. We use your shipping information to send you your products. We use a third-party logistics service (3PL) called Funoco in Lindon, Utah. When you place an order for physical products, the order information is sent to our shipping software, ShipStation, and is then access by the employees at Funoco to print the shipping labels.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback for us, please use the form below:

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