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What's new, you ask? Great question.

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Physical books ship mid-to-late October

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Still have questions? Read on.

What are the differences between the 1st and 2nd editions of the book?

Be sure to check our What's New Video for a walk-through of what's new! A beautifully designed new cover with a matte finish to reduce scratching, fingerprints, and glare It’s bigger by 83% (1st edition is 105 pages, 2nd edition is 192 pages)
The online “extras” patterns available to “DIY book” owners are all integrated into the 2nd edition Colored tabs on the sides of pages keep track of sections more easily Added Content: Stitch People’s design philosophy explained, floss color and Aida fabric color comparisons, instructions about how to make the most of the book, more information about spacing characters, how to layer characters, how to customize pet patterns, expanded floss color recommendations, example portrait patterns, enhanced finished portrait gallery (with customer portrait photo submissions!), detailed glossary Added patterns: women’s hairstyles, women’s clothing, men’s hairstyles, children’s clothing, babies, toddlers, additional dog breeds, small pets, expanded accessories, a dozen new fonts/alphabets, departed loved ones, tattoos, making characters wider Added tutorials: Better instructions for running stitch, back stitch, and French knots, extensive half-stitch descriptions and illustrations, more detailed pet stitching techniques, curly hair instruction, straight hair instruction, clothing print techniques, lace techniques 

Will there be a 3rd edition of the book that I should wait for?

At this point, we don't foresee a 3rd edition of “Do-It-Yourself Stitch People.” When we released “Do-It-Yourself Stitch People,” we knew it wasn’t perfect. Almost immediately, there were oversights, and we have worked hard to make necessary additions to the book, and take into account the suggestions and wishes of Stitch People fans. While there’s no such thing as perfection, we’re quite confident in the 2nd edition of the book, and are sure it’s got some serious staying power.

When will I receive the 2nd Edition of “Do-It-Yourself Stitch People?”

Digital copies of the book will be available to download immediately after purchase. Physical copies of the book will be delivered to those who have ordered it in mid-to-late October. We’ll keep you updated via email on exact dates as we get closer.

Will the first edition continue to be available for purchase?

We still have some physical copies of the 1st edition available. Once the 2nd edition starts shipping, we'll discontinue the 1st edition E-Book and we'll mark down the price of remaining physical copies. Once those are sold out, the 1st edition will be officially retired.

Why does the 2nd edition cost more than the 1st edition?

The 2nd Edition of “Do-It-Yourself Stitch People” is approximately 83% bigger than the first edition of the book (192 pages vs. 105), adding LOTS more value. Our costs have also risen a bit because of how much bigger/longer the book is, affecting both the printing and shipping costs.

Will there still be extra patterns online?

Yes, the extras patterns will still continue to be available online for owners of both editions of “Do-It-Yourself Stitch People.” While the majority of the extras have been integrated into the 2nd Edition of the book, not all have been, and there may continue to be more extras released in the future.

Will the 2nd edition be available in Canada?

Yes! The printed book will be available in Canada. We're sorry the 1st edition hasn't been availalbe in a while, but we're excited to have the 2nd edition available to purchase in Canada!

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