Pirate Scene


Digital Product

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Arrrrr ye not in the mood to design your very own mix-and-match pattern for a piratey adventure? Look no further! We’ve got a pirate pattern all ready to set sail with ye. Customize the hairstyles and skin tones of the characters in this pattern, if ye like, or stitch it up as is! Either way — we’ve taken care of the design process for ye!

Pattern Info

  • This pattern depicts a complete pirate scene, showing four adult-sized pirates on a ship engaged in various piratical activities!
  • Pattern Dimensions: 65 squares wide x 58 squares tall
  • Finished dimensions on size 14 Aida fabric: 4.6 inches wide x 4.1 inches tall
  • This is a digital download PDF pattern and will be available in your Stitch People account for download at any time after purchasing. Log into your Stitch People account using the email address you provide during checkout.
  • Pattern Page Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Number of Pages: 4 including cover and back page
  • You may print this pattern for personal use. This pattern may not be copied, shared, or re-sold, and is intended only for the sole use of the purchaser.