Not sure the book is worth the price?

“That’s way too much money for a craft book.”

I know it seems pricey. Let me explain why.

The average craft book probably costs around $14. It usually includes a bunch of patterns you’ll use once, maybe twice.
It’s like an ice cream cone — once you’ve eaten it, you move on.

This Book Is Different.

The DIY Stitch People book is mix and match, with hundreds of different “building blocks” you can use to design your own patterns.

It’s like having your own ice cream machine.

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This book is a college course for $57 giving you a PhD in building customized Cross-Stitch People.


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You may look at the purchase price and hesitate like I did…but don’t make my mistake. I could have been enjoying this book all this time!!

— Ann

I absolutely love this book! I was on the fence at first about purchasing it due to the price point, but it is definitely worth it!

— Tiffany

EXCELLENT book! The price may seem high but it is well worth it. If you cross stitch and want to get creative, GET THIS BOOK!

— Jessica

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