Meet the Team






Spencer & Lizzy Bean: Owners & Masterminds

Hi! We’re Lizzy and Spencer. We love coming up with new ideas for Stitch People and cross stitching. Most of all – we love the amazing community of people we get to be a part of as cross-stitchers. (Okay, okay. Spencer isn’t a cross stitcher. But Lizzy is! And he does all the tech work for the company. So he’s a cross-stitcher by association.

We’re two peas in a pod (married for 7.5 years!) and enjoy pretty much all the same stuff: Stitch People, entrepreneurship in general, acting, singing & performing, cuddling dogs, trying new foods, and hitting it at the gym.


Theresa Lawson: Administrative Assistant

Hi! I’m Theresa.  Like Jess our content and design extraordinaire, I also come from an island far, far away but my islands name is Great Britain and I’m not sure what sunburn is but I think it has something to do with that strange glowing orb we used to see in the sky perhaps twice a year.  I now live in beautiful Seattle with my beautiful husband and my jerk cat.

I love stitching of all kinds but I hold a special love for cross-stitch, surface embroidery and stumpwork.  I’ve spent the last few years creating special custom pieces for people using all three.

I’m so excited to be joining the Stitch People family as the Assistant since I’ll be the person that gets to chat to all of you about your amazing Stitch People works of art!  I’ll be your first point of contact for your custom portraits and questions about your books and patterns.

Happy Stitching!

Jessica Savage: Design Development

Hullo! I come from a wilderness far across the oceans from Stitch People HQ, on an island filled with danger and daring and devastating sunburn. That is to say, I am Australian. Having cross-stitched for around 6 years, I started designing my own patterns soon afterwards, creating personalised works for friends and family to love whether they liked it or not.

My role with Stitch People is content creation in the form of prose and patterns. I love making, fixing, and tinkering, but my passion lies in helping others create their own masterpieces and imparting skills that allow them to move off on their own artistic journeys (*sniff* they grow up so fast).

My home is in South Australia, where vineyards roam free and the diversity of landscape is utterly stunning. I share my small apartment with a needy cactus and a lot of dinosaur paraphernalia.