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make your own unique portraits!

At Stitch People, YOU are the designer! With our huge library of mix-and-match patterns—paired with your limitless creativity—anything is possible!

This book is worth every penny! Even as an experienced stitcher, this book has saved me so much time designing my portraits!
Kimberly L

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Let us design your family portrait for you!

We get it—sometimes it’s just not feasible (or interesting) to take the time to design a full portrait. Or maybe you just want to stitch one portrait, and don’t need the DIY book.

Good news! We’re happy to take your photos and turn them into a genuine Stitch People® pattern for you to stitch on your own!

You may have seen us around!

Learn to cross-stitch

No experience with cross-stitch? Or even crafting in general? This is for you!

The Stitch People Story

“I was clinically depressed and anxious, and needed an outlet to help me cope.”

Make your own portraits

We’ve written the book on cross-stitch portraits (no joke—it’s 192 pages)!

Our other Best-Selling books

4.7 / 5

With advanced patterns for formal dress and wedding scenery elements, our Weddings book will help your portrait become a cherished keepsake!

4.8 / 5

Embellish your portraits with beautiful embroidered floral motifs! With over 20 unique motifs, you’re sure to find something perfect for your next project!

4.6 / 5

Take your Stitch People characters to exotic locales with our Backgrounds book! Perfect for commemorating vacations, weddings—you name it!

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