Our Story

Lizzy (right) and Spencer (left)
Me (Lizzy!) and Spencer at our first Stitch People Event in February 2020

In November 2011, I had a semester left of college, worked a part-time job as a graphic designer, and was diagnosed with clinical depression. While at the doctor’s office, I saw a spread in a Martha Stewart magazine on cross-stitch characters. “Cute!” I thought. I hadn’t stitched in years—my mom and grandma taught me when I was a kid—but I dusted off my needle and floss and made my parents a portrait for Christmas.

Here’s me and my husband, Spencer, with our dogs Pepper and Lucy!

The portrait was a hit on Christmas morning, and Spencer looked over at me and offhandedly said, “I’ll bet you could sell those online. You could call it Stitch People.”

So I opened an Etsy shop where you sent me a photo of your family and I sent you back a finished and framed cross-stitch portrait. Orders came in slowly, which was fine because I was in my last semester of college. (Would you believe I studied trombone performance?)

After I graduated, Spencer got an internship in NYC, so we spent the summer in a studio apartment on East 34th Street. Spencer traveled during the week, so I got to explore New York City on my own when I wasn’t doing freelance graphic design. On the weekends, I showed Spencer the cool places I found while he was gone, we saw shows on Broadway, and generally felt like we were living in a movie.

Me and Matthew Broderick after seeing him in “Nice Work If You Can Get It”