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Week 38

By Whittney White

Week 37

By Anonymous

Week 36

By Aleksa Strzelczyk

Week 35

By Renata Eisenberger-Simon

Week 34

By Kati Thomas

Week 33

By Jennifer Strzelczyk

Week 32

By Kathy Wilson

Week 31

By Athena Chatzigiannidis

Week 30

By Samantha Quick

Week 29

By Maria Thompson

Week 28

By Lyndsey Burr

Week 27

By Andrea Emslie

Week 26

By Ashley Bartlett

Week 25

By Carla Zigaitis

Week 24

By Tina Turner

Week 23

By Rebecca Peters

Week 22

By Lillian Rivera

Week 21

By Megan J. Procuniar

Week 20

By Danielle de Arakal

Week 19

By Marina Thompson

Week 18

By Kati Thomas

Week 17

By Courtney Schilling

Week 16

By Sabrina Topka

Week 15

By Diane Becker

Week 14

By Meghan Snyder

Week 13

By Crystal Barbrick

Week 12

By Elizabeth Linn

Week 11

By Hillary Nestrick

Week 10

By Candi McCane

Week 9

By Jamie Caldwell

Week 8

By Debbie Pappas

Week 7

By Michelle and Ruzanna

Week 6

By Rosie Freestone

Week 5

By Darienn Powers Balin

Week 4

By Geneviève Fujarczuk

Week 3

By Kate Anderson

Week 2

By Erika Cota

Week 1

By Meghan Bryant