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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers outside the U.s.

Can I get the printed bundle?

International shipping costs are outrageous these days! We’re actively working on solutions to get books to our international customers cheaper by using a print-on-demand network with printing locations all over the world. For now, please purchase the PDF bundle—once the books are ready to be printed, we’ll reach out to you directly and explain the process for ordering physical books!

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Will I be able to print the PDF books?

Absolutely! If a print shop requires authorization from us to print your PDF book (for copyright reasons), you can contact us and we’ll send you an authorization form you can give them!


Why are you doing a pre-order?

In the past, we typically do pre-orders for all our books, which helps us with the development and printing costs. Doing pre-orders for products this far away from publication is new for us, however. Frankly, times are tough (we’re sure you can relate!) and front-loading sales will help us with cash flow over the coming months.

How do I know I'll actually get these products?

There is an element of trust here, no doubt about it. Because we’re not using a service like Kickstarter, there are no guarantees—but we give you our word that we will deliver. We’ve been in business for over 10 years and have a 100% track record of delivering on all our pre-ordered products. This will be no different!

Can I buy these products individually?

Eventually yes! For now, they’re only available as part of the pre-order bundle. This is to help us with cash flow planning for the rest of the year, and to help with development and printing costs. When everything is available for individual purchase, prices will be higher than in the pre-order bundle, so now is your chance to save! 😍

About the Products

Realistic Hair Technique Book

Patterns and instruction for over a dozen hairstyles. Learn from realistic hair technique expert Giselle Navarro (@alice.n.thebear) to recreate the hairstyles of your friends and family, no matter how complex, with simple embroidery techniques!

Floral Motifs — Volume 2

A collection of completely cross-stitched floral motifs to adorn your cross-stitch family portraits. Enjoy the look of a floral embellishment, without the complication of embroidery!

Portrait Color Card

A portrait planning resource where you can see all of the color recommendations for skin tones, hair colors, hair combinations, and even eye colors! Take out the guesswork of choosing the perfect color combinations for your portraits!

Christmas Nativity House Class

Learn how to design, plan, and stitch an embroidered house with the beloved Christmas story! From the structure of the stable to the fur and feathers of the animals that surround baby Jesus in the manger, learn from A-Z what it takes to design and stitch your very own embroidered house!

Product Timelines

When will everything be available?


Floral Motifs — Volume 2
Portrait Color Card



Christmas Nativity House Class Begins


MARCH 2024

Realistic Hair Techniques

When will I get access to the PDFs?

We’ll make PDFs available as soon as we start shipping the physical books! You’ll receive an email with details on how to access your PDFs as soon as they’re available!

Have a question not covered here?

You’re probably not the only, and we’d love to hear from you so we can add your question to the FAQ here!