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Shipping During COVID-19

Stitch People Shipping Explained

We recently transitioned away from Amazon as our fulfillment provider, and are using a warehouse in Utah for all our warehousing and fulfillment. Our warehouse is still operating normally, and sending out packages usually within one business day of products being ordered.

That said, we’re seeing big delays with the actual shipping itself. To help keep our costs down, our lowest cost shipping option in the US uses USPS Media Mail, which can usually take 2-10 business days in normal conditions. However, with COVID-19, we’re seeing that time increased by several business days. In some cases, we’re seeing books take over 2 weeks to be delivered. We’re extremely sorry for this delay, and are trying everything we can to move things along through the postal system, but there’s only so much we can do.

If you’re wondering where your book is, the best place to check is your tracking information. When we look into your order status, we don’t have any additional information beyond what the tracking shows.

If your tracking doesn’t show any movement for several days in a row (sometimes over a week), this is the new normal. We absolutely wish this were not the case, but the delays we’re seeing in a lot of cases are in the form of no tracking updates for many days in a row. It’s extremely frustrating for you and for us, and we ask for your patience as we do what little we can to move things along.

If you’re making a time-sensitive purchase (for a birthday gift, etc.) we recommend choosing Priority Mail shipping at checkout. It’s a few more dollars (we supplement the cost of shipping if your order is $100+), but we’re not seeing the same delays with Priority shipping as we’re seeing with Media Mail.

If it’s not time-sensitive, but you want to get started ASAP, we recommend getting the physical + digital combo of whatever book you’re looking to purchase. It’s just a few more dollars, and you’ll have immediate access to the patterns you’re purchasing.

Most of all, we thank you for your patience as we all navigate this situation together! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].