Stitch People Home and Clothing Accessories


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Are your Stitch People patterns amazing but sometimes you’re missing a certain pattern to capture someone’s personality?

Maybe you have a teenager who’s never off their phone. Does Pop spend too much time in the bubble bath? Do you have a house full of gamers? Maybe someone who loves to cook but you just can’t figure out the stove pattern?

Well we have you covered!

Stitch People Home and Clothing Accessories is a HUGE collection of patterns to supplement your Stitch People portraits. If you need it, chances are the pattern is in this collection! Stitch People Accessories includes patterns for:

  • cell-phones
  • handheld games
  • gaming systems
  • T-shirt logos
  • scarfs and wraps
  • bathroom suites – including commodes and plungers 😉
  • rubber duckies
  • kitchen furniture
  • pots and pans
  • sewing machines
  • lamps
  • ironing boards
  • cribs
  • bedroom furniture
  • living room furniture
  • dining room furniture
  • drinks bar
  • sand box
  • swing set

And much, much, much more!

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