It’s Lizzy’s birthday! 🥳 Spend $50+ and get a $10 credit for a future purchase! Learn more →

It’s Lizzy’s birthday! 🥳 Spend $50+ and get a $10 credit! Learn more →

Available while supplies last (stock is limited).

Immerse yourself in the regency and romance of Jane Austen and feel as though you are a character fresh from the pages of the novel Pride and Prejudice, just minutes away from joining Lizzy and Mr. Darcy at the ball.

These limited edition regency style cross-stitch patterns have been designed to look like authentic 18th century embroidery but with the signature Stitch People flare! Stitch just as the well-to-do ladies of the era!

Reignite your love for Pride and Prejudice with this wonderful set of pattern or make a gift for the Jane Austen fan in your life.

Don’t let pride or prejudice delay you, immerse yourself in passion and romance today!