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Fiber Arts: Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting, Embroidery & Cross-Stitching



We have a very special treat for you!

As a community of stitchers so passionate about Stitch People, have you ever wondered why we don’t have Stitch People stitching?! Well wonder no more! Courtesy of our amazingly talented friend and designer, Rebecca Anderson – we bring to your Stitch People Fiber Arts! Stitch People actually stitching! So very meta ? Use these patterns to create a self portrait of yourself or your fiber art loving friend.

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Patterns include:

  • Lounge chair and stitching lamp layout
  • skeins
  • balls of yarn
  • yarn baskets
  • crochet and knitting needles
  • embroidery box
  • Stitch People merch
  • spools
  • scissors
  • frames and hoops
  • sewing machines
  • mannequin form
  • quilting table and storage shelving

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Digital E-Book Only: Use on any device that reads PDF.
Designer: Becky Anderson and Julian Odessa, Compositor: Lizzy Bean

Total page count: 8 pages