Baking & Beverages: Baristas, Brewers & Bartenders

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Brewing Masters rejoice! You too can now join the bubbly world of Stitch People! Beverages, Brewing and Baking includes all the patterns you could need including a full baking kitchen, patterns for beef crafters, bar keepers and let’s not forget the cool coffee shop vibe.

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Patterns include (but not limited to!):

  • kitchen-dwellers
  • bakers
  • ovens and stoves
  • various kitchen tools
  • coffee shop layouts and accessories
  • countertops
  • bars and stools
  • display cases
  • brewing equipment
  • various bartender arm and hand positions, bar scene


Digital E-Book Only: Use on any device that reads PDF.
Designer: Julian Odessa, Compositor: Lizzy Bean

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