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Occupations & Hobbies

With patterns for doctors, flight attendants, construction workers, musicians and MUCH more, you can begin to incorporate those extra little details that really make someone unique! Add more variety for your Stitch People portraits with these newest patterns designed by Lizzy!

This book will be 54 pages and spiral-bound

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United States Armed Forces

Do you have a loved one serving in the US Armed Forces? With patterns for all five branches of the armed forces, you'll have everything you need to include America's heroes in your portraits.

This book will be 24 pages and staple-bound

See the FAQ section below for more details on what's included in each book!

How soon can I download the PDFs?

If you order the Physical + Digital combo (or the digital only version), you'll have immediate access to the PDFs once you complete your order! Initially we were going to wait until the end of pre-orders to make those available, but we thought, "Why wait?" Get them now so you can start working on your Christmas presents ASAP!

What's included in the Occupations & Hobbies book?

There are a lot of different patterns included in the book, including Pilots, Captains, and Flight Attendants; Builders, Handymen, and Construction; Chauffeurs and Taxi Drivers; Clowns; Teacher and Librarians; Hairdressers; Food workers; Government workers; University & Legal robes; Medical personnel; Musicians & Instruments; Photographers; Scouts; Outdoor activities (including golf, fishing, hunting, and kayaks/canoes). 

We know that not everything will be covered in this book, so we've already started making plans for more books, including one dedicated to sports and sporting uniforms. If you'd like to request a pattern be included in a future book, send us an email at!

When will the physical books be available?

We're not exactly sure, but it'll be a few weeks after the pre-order period is over. We have a great printer we work with in Provo, UT, and we've already talked to them about the upcoming jobs. Once we know how many copies we need to print (based on pre-order sales), we'll schedule the job with our printer and then it'll probably be 2-3 weeks after that when we'll be ready to ship the books!

What's included in the US Armed Forces book?

All five branches of the US Armed Forces are represented in the book. For trademark reasons, we're not using the names of the branches; instead, we're using generic names like Air Soldiers, Coast Soldiers, etc. Patterns include both combat and dress service uniforms for each branch.

Still have questions? Send us an email at!