What do people say about
Do-It-Yourself Stitch People?

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A lot of different things. And chances are you're saying
(or at least thinking) some of the same things.

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"Are you serious? That's
way too much money for
a craft book."

This is by far the most common objection people have to the book. And the concern is valid — the book costs more than just about every other craft book out there. But that's the where the difference comes in — this isn't like every other craft book.

"This is the best cross-stitch book I've ever purchased. Well worth every penny!"

This is by far the most common thing I hear from people who took a chance and bought the book. With 210 reviews (and counting), only 2 of those reviews aren't 5 stars.

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OK, what's so different about this book?

With sections on hairstyles, clothing options, cats and dogs, and more, this is the book that'll keep on giving.

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Perfect for any skill level

Whether you've never cross-stitched in your life or you've been stitching for 40+ years, this book is great for all skill levels. For those new to cross-stitch, there's an entire chapter just for you. And for you experienced stitchers, you'll love all the possible combinations to make the perfect portrait.

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Get inspired all over again

Sick and tired of the same old cross-stitch style and patterns? Are your supplies gathering dust? The ideas in this book will reignite your passion for cross-stitch as you start designing and stitching your own portraits for friends and family using contemporary patterns and designs.

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Buy it once, use it forever

Most craft books have patterns that you'll use once, maybe twice. With the "building blocks" in the book, you'll never run out of ideas and projects. Yes, it's a bit of an investment — and it's one that pays dividends. You'll be passing this book down to your kids someday!

I admit I was hesitant when I saw the price but, took the plunge and am SO happy I did!!!

— Erin K.

I LOVE my Stitch People Book (and so does everyone who's received a portrait)!

— Ashlan N.

This is more than a book of cross stitch patterns. It is a workbook style treasure full of creative inspiration.

— Linda W.

I got the book a year ago and it is honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made.

— Christina

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