We're thrilled to announce
Stitch People Backgrounds!

54 pages of brand-new patterns to take your Stitch People characters into the great outdoors!

Pre-order the Backgrounds book today!
Cinema Display

Are you as excited as we are?

We're pretty thrilled about this latest addition to the Stitch People canon of patterns!
In this video, Lizzy walks you through what's in this new book!

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PDF will be available immediately after purchase
Physical books ship mid-to-late February

PDF + Spiral-bound
$ 39 USD
  • Get the best of both worlds!
  • Left your book at home? No problem.
  • Work on projects anywhere, anytime
$ 35 USD
  • Spiral-bound so it lays flat
  • Laminated matte cover for durability
  • Printed in the U.S.
PDF E-book
$ 29 USD
  • Read on any device that supports PDF
  • Great for when you need to pack light
  • Download as needed (but please don't share)
Will the book ship to Canada?

Yes! The cheapest way (for everyone) is for us to send some books to Amazon CA and have the books shipped from there. It may take an extra few days, but it'll definitely save on shipping costs for you and us.

Will the book ship to other countries besides the US and Canada?

Yes! For this book, the initial wave of pre-orders will be sent out from our living room, which means that we'll be able to send it anywhere. It does, unfortunately, mean that shipping costs are high. VAT is the main reason we're not storing inventory in Europe, and since we're still pretty small, we're not left with very many choices. But we're always looking at different solutions for better distribution, so one day international shipping won't cost so much for our products!

Will the book ship via Amazon for US orders?

Normally, our books are warehoused at Amazon and sent from there. But with the recent experience of sending out a bunch of pre-orders all at once from Amazon with the 2nd Edition DIY book, we decided to do the shipping ourselves for the first wave of pre-orders. This means no huge boxes! We're going to use flat cardboard mailers to keep the book safe and flat while shipping, and it'll let us get the book to you faster. After the first wave of pre-orders, we'll go back to shipping this book from Amazon like we do with our other books.

For our Canadian customers, we're still going to use Amazon CA for fulfillment for all pre-orders, simply because it'll be so much cheaper. But for everyone else, we'll ship the books ourselves.