About Spencer & Lizzy Bean

Hi! We're Spencer and Lizzy Bean. We currently live in Orem, Utah and can't wait for our move to California to pursue a warmer climate, convenient proximity to Disneyland (seriously) and a do-able commute to LA for Lizzy to join the ranks of Hollywood hopefuls.

We both work from home full time, running our business - Stitch People - which is 5 years old. In our spare time, we love to go to the gym, watch the latest and greatest on Netflix, eat out, walk our dogs, and perform at the local semi-professional theater. We're big dog-lovers and rescue dog advocates. We have three little loves, whom you can read more about, below!

In a production of "A Christmas Carol," at Disneyland, at a concert for our anniversary, at our cabin in Maine


We own our home, and have for 6 years. We LOVE being homeowners, and are renting our home when we move. Since living here, we've painted every room and ceiling, updated two bathrooms, ripped out and renovated the kitchen, replaced all baseboards and door casings, landscaped our front area, and more! We take great pride in our home, and will do so wherever we choose to live (owning or renting!) 


More About Lizzy

Lizzy was born in Michigan, raised in Rochester, New York, and went to high school in Provo, Utah. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Media Music Studies and a minor in Business. She is a singer, and plays the trombone (or, at least, used to play the trombone very well). Lizzy's current pursuits are acting, growing Stitch People, and fitness & nutrition.

More About Spencer

Spencer is born and raised in Orem, Utah and served a religious mission for the LDS church in Sweden for two years.  He's fluent in Swedish, so IKEA trips are especially fun. Spencer holds a Masters degree in Information Systems from BYU. He likes to perform upon occasion (you should have seen him as Captain Hook in "Peter Pan!") but mostly enjoys spending time at home with the wife and dogs.

More About the Dogs

Lucy and Pepper (left and center) are both rescue dogs and are the best spur-of-the-moment decision we've ever made. We stumbled upon Adoption Day at a local PetSmart, we each fell in love with different dogs and were unwilling to compromise on who we took home so they both came. We've had them for six years and they're simply wonderful.

Nubby (right) was our fifth foster dog, and we couldn't bear to let her go so we kept her. She has 3 legs and is named, affectionately, after her charming birth defect - an underdeveloped arm. We have since stopped fostering dogs, as we canNOT risk adopting any more for ourselves :)

Our dogs are primarily inside dogs. They love each other and take care of each other as much as we take care of them. They are walked regularly, they are clean, we don't allow them to stay outside if they bark, and most importantly our space is kept clean (we have little patience for dog hair). We've frequently been complimented by friends and family that our home doesn't "smell like dog" which is "surprising because you have three dogs."