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New Year Self Portrait and Word of Inspiration

My word for the year is “intention.” I want to be more intentional about everything in 2022 from how I spend my time, where I invest emotional energy, what foods I eat, what clothes I wear…you name it! I want to pause more frequently and ask myself “why” and “how does this serve me” to be sure I have a good answer for it. If not – perhaps I should reconsider whatever it is!

I stitched myself in a way that’s very “me” – my favorite pink glasses, my hair up, a cozy, brightly colored sweatshirt and leggings. I added a heeled ankle boot for a little extra sass. I want this iteration of me to represent the fact that I accept and celebrate myself as I am, here and now.

The colors I chose have some purpose too! I hope to remember their symbolism when I look at this portrait. The blue ribbon curls to either side of me are to represent two chakras, or energy centers, I want to focus on in 2022 – my throat and 3rd eye. I took some creative liberties with choosing a light and dark blue as opposed to a royal blue and deep indigo. These colors represent confident and honest self expression (throat), and intuition, imagination and forward motion (3rd eye). The violet, orange, and green confetti colors represent spirituality, love, growth, and a bit of fiery zest: attributes I hope to foster in the new year!

I encourage you to make your new year portrait entirely YOU. If you are open to sharing it on social media and telling us a little about it, I’d sure love to hear! Be sure to tag @stitchpeople so we can be alerted to your post!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and “successful” (whatever that word means to you) New Year!