Halloween: Trick or Treat!

The Stitch People Trick-or-Treat pattern is the perfect Halloween project! Stitch a mummy, witch, and vampire to complete the trio of Halloween-y characters, along with fun, twisted text!

How to Cross-Stitch: For Absolute Beginners

The Stitch People Easter Egg pattern brightens up Springtime with simple cross-stitching. Lizzy Bean will teach the fun of exploring color combinations when creating your cross-stitch creations.

Cross-Stitch Crafting for the Holidays

With four simple, customizable holiday-themed cross-stitch patterns, get inspired in this four-part class with ideas for how to present and gift away your cross-stitch creations during the holiday season!

Sherlock Holmes

Learn “Cross-Stitch & Embroidery Basics” with this charming Sherlock Holmes pattern! Watch our four-part class (complete with three bonus stitch-along videos) and get the free pattern when you enroll!