Stitch People Cross-Stitch Starter Kit


PLEASE NOTE: Currently available only in the US. Kits will begin shipping December 22nd, 2021

A perfect complement to the DIY Stitch People Book! Our cross-stitch starter kit is the complete package, and will save you time so you don't have to compile all your cross-stitching materials yourself!

We've hand-selected our absolute favorite (and the best) cross-stitch supplies available for this kit—the ones we use every day for our own stitching. With the DIY Stitch People Book and this kit, you'll have everything you need to start designing and creating your own Stitch People portraits!

The Stitch People Cross-Stitch Starter Kit includes:

  • 35 DMC embroidery floss colors (including skin tones and hair colors)
  • DMC scissors (3 ¾ inch, TSA approved for travel)
  • DMC size 5 embroidery needles (great for letting you work outside the normal Aida grid when needed)
  • 6" x 6" Q-Snap frame (better than a wooden hoop, trust us)
  • Size 14 Aida fabric, 'Antique White' color
  • Dritz seam ripper (Just in case!)
  • Loops & Threads floss organizer with bobbins for storing your floss

PLEASE READ:  Products included may not arrive exactly as pictured. Substitutions may be made if items listed in the description are not available at the time of shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great for beginners

Note - I received the 8x8" Q-frame, not 6x6". I received this for X'mas and it was a wonderful, easy start to cross-stitching with everything I needed to begin instead of going to the store and hunting down individual pieces. It includes one 14x9" piece of Aida - mine had a small discoloration spot on it.

Elisabeth Barlow

I bought the DIY stitch people book and the starter kit for Christmas and I have been able to make two portraits so far and I absolutely love how they turned out! The creator, Lizzy, is also amazing at helping you out if you have questions, just email her! She replied back promptly and is so friendly! She even sent me a pattern for a handheld flag that I wouldn't have thought of on my own but totally worked great as a personalized detail on one of my portraits!

Kayley Kelsey Arndt
Fantastic Gift Idea!

I purchased the stitch people book and cross stitcher starter kit for an idea of a Christmas gift. As a first time cross stitcher it took a couple tries to get the hang of it, but in the end it resulted in a beautiful truly unique Christmas gift for my mother in law, she loved it! It's just so neat that you can add personal details to each person or pet that makes the portrait extra special. Highly recommend!

Marla Baker
Very cute, just a little confusing for beginners at first!

Really cute project! I was never good at math, but always good at crafting. I did find it to be a little difficult to integrate the two for this project! Counting squares was easy, but plotting out your potential stick people on the back (mirror image), while counting squares, and trying to imagine how things should be set on the fabric was a little difficult for me (but could be just be my own issues!). I found myself having to "figure out" what I did wrong during my plotting or actual cross-stitching and problem solve through trial and error sometimes...a few minor things that weren't included in the manual. For example, I had to figure out the fact that the overlap of the "X" of my cross-stitch should be going in the same direction for EVERY stitch. I also had to problem solve and strategize how to get to "this square over here" (using the same color) from "this square all the way over here," which wasn't explained in the manual (whether to cut the string first and then start on the other section, or just cross over with my string still intact and do the other section that way). This may have been included in the manual, but I don't think it was said clearly or with a real life example. I'm the kind of person who needs demonstration and lots of instruction for things that don't come naturally to me; however, incredibly cute project and I'll be making more now that I have the hang of it and have problem-solved a lot of things! I Love it!

Laura Dummeyer
Great product

The kit is great. It has everything you need to get started. I love it.