Chakra Mandalas


Format: E-Book (PDF)

Interesting and do-able for beginning and advanced cross-stitchers alike, these cross stitch mandala patterns will allow you to create a tactile manifestation of your personal meditative process. Get spiritual with your stitching, and dive into learning about and centering your chakras (energy pathways in the body) while you cross stitch.

What's included?

Seven mandala patterns for each of the main chakras in the body:

  • Root
  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
  • Crown


Finished Mandala Size: ~2.7" when stitched on 14-count aida fabric (as seen in photos, where mandala is framed in 3" hoop) 
Digital E-Book: PDF version (completely identical to the physical version). Use on any device that reads PDF.
Author: Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean
ISBN (Digital): 978-0-9988236-1-4

Customer Reviews

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Love this Kit

Glad I ordered this kit. Love the patterns. Very relaxing. Would be great as a gift.

Linda E.
Breathe, stitch, learn, grow

I move too fast in this world, even when I do things I love, like sew or knit. These patterns came at a perfect moment when I needed to slow take stock of my fast paced breathe, reconnect with myself and re-energize my creativity. Each one of these was a lesson in patience, forgiveness, beauty, acceptance, and joy. I went at my own pace, made mistakes, fixed some mistakes, let some go...and in the end, I have a beautiful set of chakra mandalas to remind me to breathe and slow down...enjoy the process...the end result is a bonus. Thanks for these lovely and meaningful patterns. I will be repeating some for friends and now I feel confident that I can do a pattern I bought from you years ago that was above my skill level...or confidence level...look forward to sharing this journey along side you...

Relaxing Re-Introduction to Cross Stitch

I am really enjoying creating these mandelas! This is the first cross stitch project that I have done in about 15 years, it's a relaxing and fun one to do to get back into stitching. I love the mantras too!

Awesome kit

I haven't had a chance to start my Mandalas yet (I just got the kit this morning) but I've read through the booklet and can't wait to get started!
The kit is awesome and even came with pocket mantras.

Chakra Mandalas

I bought the Chakra Mandalas booklet for my niece who was in need of some "calming" handwork to help her cope with job stress. I looked over the patterns as I gathered floss and cut aida cloth to make up a kit to send to her, and I love everything about this project--the philosophy, the patterns, the colors, the ease with which you can start one. When my niece received the package she told me "the timing was perfect" and starting stitching/calming right away. Thanks, Lizzie, on behalf of us both! I will be buying a second booklet so I can make my own mandalas.