Stitch People Occupations & Hobbies



Get ready to expand your cross-stitch family portraits to include your loved ones in their hobby-related or professional wear for just the right touch! Whether you need a pattern for a government employee or avid kayaker, the patterns in this book will help you expand and perfect your Stitch People portraits even further!

Patterns include Pilots, Captains, and Flight Attendants; Builders, Handymen, and Construction; Chauffeurs and Taxi Drivers; Clowns; Teacher and Librarians; Hairdressers; Food workers; Government workers; University & Legal robes; Medical personnel; Musicians & Instruments; Photographers; Scouts; Outdoor activities (including golf, fishing, hunting, and kayaks/canoes). 


Physical Book: 54 pages, 8.5"W x 11"H, spiral-bound
Digital E-Book: PDF version of the physical book (identical). Use on any device that reads PDF.
Author: Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean
ISBN: 978-0692749784


Customer Reviews

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Excellent Addition to Original Book

I LOVE the Do It Yourself Stitch People book, so of COURSE I had to have the occupations and hobbies book! The patterns as easy to read as the first, filled with great instructions. My 9 year old has been inspired to create bookmarks for her teachers this year as gifts using the great teacher ideas that are included! The spiral binding is great for keeping pages open and flat. The number of different outfits/uniforms/accessories included surprised me. An EXCELLENT addition to the set!

Great add-on

I have a small craft business and I had purchased the Stitch People book and PDF and then I saw this Hobbies and Occupations book. I decided to get the physical book and PDF bundle for this as well. Having both options lets me work on the go or from the book. I also have something to put in a clients hands that helps them make choices easier.
I have gotten amazing reviews on work I've done using these books and so they are totally worth the money!

Occupation and Hobbies

I absolutely love it! All the different patterns to choose from.
I highly recommend it!

Occupations and Hobbies

Wow! It is jam packed with many patterns of all types of Occupations and hobbies! It is also well formatted! My needles going to be humming for a long time!! Thank you

Occupations and Hobbies

Great book, very inspiring, easy to use. So many cross-stitch little time! LOL