Stitch People United States Armed Forces

Get dozens of military-related patterns to further personalize and expand your Stitch People family portraits! The United States Armed Forces patterns will allow you to create the perfect gifts for loved ones who are veterans or who actively serve in the five branches of the US Armed Forces.

Includes combat and dress uniforms for Air Soldiers, Land Soldiers, Coast Soldiers, Marine Soldiers, and Water Soldiers (For trademark reasons, we can't use the actual names of the branches). Also included are flags for each branch, as well as a new alphabet!


Physical Book: 24 pages, 8.5"W x 11"H, staple-bound
Digital E-Book: PDF version of the physical book (identical). Use on any device that reads PDF.
Author: Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean
ISBN: 978-0692749791

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Denise Laurel D.L. Denise L.
United States Armed Forces

With many of my ancestors and recent family members in All the Branches of the Military; this book is Fantastic!! hummings needles nonetheless!!! Thank you!!

Maryann Mahan M.M. Maryann M.
Thank you for YOUR service!

That is often said to our service men and women of all sorts and a special thanks to you for what you do so we can honor them in another heartfelt way!

Marianne Venrick M.V. Marianne V.

This is such a special book for everyone. All armed forces branches are recognized.

Lynn B. L.B. Lynn B.
Wonderful book

If you have been looking for a book to help you create that really special gift for a service member THIS IS IT! All branches of the services are represented. You'll have that special gift done in no time.

Donna Thomas D.T. Donna T.
Love this book!

This book is so great for anyone who has a service member in their family or a friend serving our country. Love all her series of books. I have them all!