Chakra Mandalas

Chakra Mandalas

Focus on your energy with meditative cross-stitch patterns
by Stitch People.

Strengthen and clear your energy pathways (chakras) by cross-stitching a mandala representing each chakra. Use this as an opportunity to focus inward. When you’re finished, you can frame and reflect on your mandalas, give them away to someone in need, or burn them as a symbol of renewal and release.

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Cross-stitch for the soul.

With our newest book, Chakra Mandalas, we give you a way to meditate while you stitch. With seven patterns representing each of the seven main chakras*, you’ll be able to focus on your soul’s needs as you clear and strengthen yourself through meditative cross-stitch.

* Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Designed for beginners
and experts.

Whether you’re brand new to cross-stitch or a life-long stitcher, you’ll have no trouble completing these simple mandala patterns. Take your time completing them—spend a few hours, or a few months on each chakra. Stitch at your own pace and skill level.

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Get the Chakra Mandala patterns today.

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