You’ll LOVE the Stitch People book.

With an average rating of 4.9 stars (and nearly 200 reviews!) it’s safe to say that people like the Stitch People book. Still not sure about it? Read on.

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Not your average crafting book.

The DIY Stitch People Book isn’t a normal crafting book with one-time patterns that you’ll buy once and never use again—it’s full of resources you can use over and over. Think of all the portraits you can design and stitch with:
  • 105 pages of patterns and instruction
  • Online access to extra online patterns
  • 38 dog breeds, 16 cat breeds (click here to see full list)
  • 4 alphabet styles
  • 82 photos of completed portraits for inspiration
  • Materials checklist for simple shopping
  • Tutorials for two styles of framing
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Love this book! Makes custom cross-stitch portraits easy even for beginners!


There are so many options, you can create portraits that really look like who you want them to!!


I was so surprised by the depth of this cute book. It explains everything you need!

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This is one of my favorite purchases all year!

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Easy To Mix And Match
With patterns for hairstyles, clothing, and accessories, as well as popular dog and cat breeds, designing a portrait is a walk in the park.
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Completely Custom
From your dad’s bald head and beard to your mom’s favorite pearl earrings, each portrait you design and stitch can look just like your loved ones.
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Handmade By You
Your family and friends will love their heartfelt, handmade gift. And they’ll always remember that you were the one who made it for them.

Hi, I’m Lizzy!

I love helping people create new family heirlooms with modern cross-stitch patterns and portraits. Stitch People grew out of a love for crafts, customization, and delighting people. After stitching hundreds of custom portraits, I compiled my patterns and tips into the DIY Stitch People Book. Even now, I always have my book open when I’m working on a new portrait!
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“I just finished my 5th portrait! I love this so much!”

Whether you’re a brand new stitcher or a more seasoned pro, you’ll be up and running in no time with the easy-to-read patterns, instructions, and examples. Most people are able to complete their first portrait within the first week. Get the book today!