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5 Fun Fall Projects

With school back in session and pumpkin spice lattes about to take over your town (if they haven’t already), it’s the perfect time to start a cozy Fall project! Here are 5 ideas we think you’ll love:

1. Get started on teacher portraits

Now that you’ve likely met most of the teachers you’ll be interacting with this school year, you can get started on a teacher portrait for them that they can proudly show off in their classroom! Or hold off and gift it at the end of the school year to thank them for all their hard work!

2. Spooky, scary Halloween projects

While it still may be a little too early for Costco to be pulling out their Halloween merch, it’s never too early to get started on a fun Halloween project! From small, simple one-off patterns to mix-and-match pattern sets for your portraits,

3. Stitch (and listen to) your favorite band

For me, Fall is an especially nostalgic season and the perfect time of year to pull out some of my all-time favorite albums for another listen (or 10 ????‍♀️). A few years back, I designed a portrait for one of my favorite bands—Punch Brothers—and gave it to them after seeing them in concert! For a fun challenge, design and stitch up your favorite band—and then send it to them! Why not?

4. Start (or keep) tackling your Christmas project list

For us crafters, there’s hardly any distinction between holidays ???? Because Christmas is a great time for gifting handmade things, you may already have a long list of people who will be receiving hand-stitched portraits for the holidays! Get started now to avoid an all-night stitching fest on December 24 (don’t ask me how I know)!

5. Fall Football Fun

Do you have a big football fan in your life? Maybe they play actual football, maybe they play Fantasy Football, or maybe they just play the games when they’re on TV! Celebrate their love of the game with a football-inspired portrait!

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